Book Review: A Higher Call

I found this book incredibly interesting and compelling, I've since bought my dad a copy of it for fathers day, which he has subsequently lent to my brother. Needless to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. A Higher Call is a story about how in the height of WW2, a German fighter ace escorted a... Continue Reading →


A Weekend In Budapest: Communication

When visiting a new country, it is easy to get excited about the places you will go, the sights you will see, the activities you will do. However it is also Important to learn a little bit about the culture, and most importantly the language! It is something I have slightly neglected, until now. This... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Never Stop Learning

To me one of the most important things in life is learning. I absolutely love it, and endeavour to constantly learn new things. There is always something new to learn, always interesting things to discover, in areas you may have never considered. I am Introducing the topic "Never Stop Learning"; things I have learnt that... Continue Reading →

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