A weekend in Edinburgh: Part 3 – The Zoo

Who doesn't love a good visit to the zoo? We went to Chester zoo 2 years ago for my birthday, and when visiting Edinburgh we decided that we should visit Edinburgh zoo as well. One major selling point for us, was the fact that they have the UK's only¬†giant pandas which you can book to... Continue Reading →


A Weekend in Budapest

Budapest is a city which has plenty to offer; beautiful scenery, a great night life, and brilliant weather, to name a few. And that is just a few. I was only visiting for a long weekend, so didn't get chance to soak up as much of the city as I would have ideally liked, however... Continue Reading →

A weekend In Budapest: Packing List (UPDATE)

I have an upcoming trip to Budapest this weekend, and seen as it has been a while since I went abroad, it would be a good idea to have a solid packing list. Here is what I will be taking, on the 3 night 3 day trip. It’s actually for a stag do, but the […]

Manchester Day 2017

Manchester is a beautiful city, with a great mix of culture brought together by its community which has heritage far and wide. Manchester Day, is a celebration of this great community spirit, showcasing the solidarity we all hold for this city we call our home. On a perfectly sunny day, with thousands of supporters lining... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Budapest: Communication

When visiting a new country, it is easy to get excited about the places you will go, the sights you will see, the activities you will do. However it is also Important to learn a little bit about the culture, and most importantly the language! It is something I have slightly neglected, until now. This... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Edinburgh: Part 1 – The City

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and a truly beautiful place. It is one of those cities where every turn is another opportunity to travel back in time and discover some unique history. From hundreds of years ago where the Scottish parliament was held in Edinburgh prior to joining the United Kingdom in 1707, and the... Continue Reading →

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