Never Stop Learning: A Japanese Soldier still fighting WW2 29 years later

It sounds almost unbelievable. Hiroo Onoda entered the Lubang Island jungle, in the Philippines, on December 26th 1944, just 232 days before the Japanese announced their surrender and 250 days before their surrender was official signed. However he stayed in the Jungle, using guerrilla tactics to fight the "enemy" and raid local farms for food,... Continue Reading →


Never Stop Learning: A photo you can never copy

Currency is an integral part of civilisation. There are many many different currencies in the world, 180 to be exact. It is the ultimate resource, and is generally traded for personal time in the form of working (that pesky 9 - 5 job). However people also create forgeries of bank notes, which is clearly not... Continue Reading →

Never Stop Learning: Equanimity

What am amazing word. In all my life I cannot remember hearing or reading this word even once, and now I have discovered it I am constantly thinking about it (I know I know, I should probably be thinking about something else other than fun words). A calm mental state, especially after a shock or... Continue Reading →

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