A weekend in Edinburgh: Part 3 – The Zoo

Who doesn’t love a good visit to the zoo? We went to Chester zoo 2 years ago for my birthday, and when visiting Edinburgh we decided that we should visit Edinburgh zoo as well. One major selling point for us, was the fact that they have the UK’s only giant pandas which you can book to visit as part of your trip to the zoo itself.

Booking to visit Yang Guang and Tian Tian, the giant pandas, allows you to go through the viewing area. Unfortunalty you do need to book, due to the high demand (they are the only ones in the UK, after all).

When we went, the pandas were in breeding season and as such spent most of their time inside, which is not viewable by the public. It was a shame to not be able to see the Pandas in the flesh, but its completely understandable due to the fact it is a wild animal and you cant just make it perform at your beck & call. Fortunatly, Edinburgh zoo have set up PandaCam, so you can still see the pandas if you’re unable to see them in person. Here is a video of Tian Tian having a play, to whet your appetite 🙂

Other than giant pandas, there is a plethora of other animals to see, and different events throughout the day to get the most from your visit. Feeding times at different enclosures where the keepers feed the animals and give a little talk about them as well. Allowing you to learn about the personalities of the different animals.


Another way to see some of the personalities of the animals is with the Penguin Parade! Yes you read that correctly, a Penguin Parade. The Penguins enclosure is opened up by the keepers, who allow the penguins to voluntarily leave and have a stroll around the streets which are lined by excited 20-something bloggers children.


When you fancy a little bit of a break, at the back of the zoo is a hill (actually the entire zoo itself is on the hill, but the peak is at the back) and if you reach the top, you’re reward with some great views. Perfect to sit down, relax with a sandwich and soak up the sights before heading back down the hill to see some more animals.



Edinburgh zoo really is a great day out, and its not just for kids, It’s for giant pandas as well. What a great way to end a weekend full of adventure and history.


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