Never Stop Learning: A Japanese Soldier still fighting WW2 29 years later

It sounds almost unbelievable. Hiroo Onoda entered the Lubang Island jungle, in the Philippines, on December 26th 1944, just 232 days before the Japanese announced their surrender and 250 days before their surrender was official signed. However he stayed in the Jungle, using guerrilla tactics to fight the “enemy” and raid local farms for food, for a total of 11, 031 days which is just over 30 years since the day he first entered the jungle.

It’s a rather interesting story that I came across on Today I Found Out, and in which Hiroo has actually written a book about his time in the Jungle, so that has quickly risen to the top of my GoodReads reading list. I shall be sure to do a update/review of the book once I have read it.





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