A weekend In Budapest: Packing List (UPDATE)

This is an update to my original post, which was written prior to my trip. This updated post is written after my trip.

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to Budapest, taking only hand luggage.

Here is what I originally planned on taking, updated with what afterwards I feel would have be better to take, I feel I didn’t need or did need.  It was actually for a stag do, but the essentials will be transferable whatever your reason for travel.

It is worth pointing out that this packing list is for hand luggage only. I am not checking in a bag, so need to carry everything with me. Along with the obvious size & weight restrictions on the bag, there is also a limit on the liquids which can be carried.

The Bag

The bag I am using for this trip is Cabin Max Metz, which is a bag I have had for 6 years now and has plenty of room for everything you need for a weekend away. I actually used this for my inter-rail trip around Europe, back in 2011, and had no issues at all with it. It has received plenty of use over the years, and shows no sign of needing to be replaced any time soon. If you want to get a carry on bag, I highly recommend Cabin Max.



It is 4 days out, however a quick google shows that the weather is going to be high 20’s even into the 30’s, so be sure to pack the shorts!


  • Light footwear
    • It’s going to be hot, so you don’t want to be taking heavy shoes, or shoes made out of a material such as leather, as these wont let your feet breath.
    • A canvas style shoe, such as Converse, will be great.DSC_1774
  • Shorts
    • 2 pairs.
    • Next time I would have taken another pair, as I ended up wearing shorts all day and every evening so I feel 2 wasn’t enough.
  • T-Shirts
    • A couple, at least 1 for each day, maybe more depending on your sweat levels & activities planned.
  • Jeans
    • I’m expecting some venues to be a little opposed to customers wearing shorts, so I’m taking jeans along for the night time.
    • Other than arriving, I didn’t wear jeans all weekend. All of the clubs we went to (such as ruin bars) didn’t have any restrictions on wearing shorts.
  • Shirt
    • Or 2. For when a t-shirt will not cut it, again this will be when the venue wants a little bit more class.
    • I actually think i should have taken a few more shirts, although not a formal short just a casual short sleeve shirt.
  • A hoody / jumper
    • Whilst I don’t expect to wear it whilst I am there, I am flying out of and into Manchester, so the weather this end will make this essential.
  • A hat
    • I planned on buying a hat there, however I didn’t end up getting one and was fine without. Although that is personal preference.
  • Swimshorts
    • Budapest is known for its baths & spas, so be sure to pack some swimwear.




Aside from the clothing, you will need the following;

  • Sun Lotion
  • Phone & Charger
    • Whilst it nice to get a bit of freedom from the “always connected” life that we all live at home, it is prudent to take a phone just in case. Plus, with the new EU roaming charge changes coming into effect, it wont cost any extra to use your phone abroad.
  • Plug adaptor
    • Not everywhere has the same plug, so be sure to take one of these in order to charge your gadgets.
  • Sun Glasses
  • Money
    • I am using Monzo, which give the wholesale MasterCard rate straight to the users, and don’t charge any ATM or foreign exchange fees. Essentially the best way to get your travel money.
    • I’m also taking a small amount of cash (about £50 worth) to ensure that I have some flexibility when I get there, and also because apparently all the cash machines at the air port offer terrible exchange rates (even with Monzo).


This is probably the biggest concern. Restrictions are in place, on the amount of  liquids you can take in hand luggage.

containers must hold no more than 100ml

containers must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm

contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed

the bag must not be knotted or tied at the top

you’re limited to 1 plastic bag per person

you must show the bag at the airport security point

That being said, I am taking the following

  • Aftershave
    • 100ml bottle.
  • Deoderant
    • 50ml stick.
  • Moisturiser (such as for the face)
    • 100ml bottle.
  • Sunscreen
    • 100ml bottle.
  • Tooth Paste & Brush
    • 100ml tube.
  • Hair Wax
    • 75ml pot.
  • Shampoo / body wash
    • 50ml travel bottle.
  • Lip Balm
    • Hot weather & drinking alcohol = dehydration and dry lips.

That should easily fit into the clear plastic bag, which I plan on getting from the airport before I fly.

I actually had way too many toiletries in my carry on, and as a result I had to throw away half of it when I was at the airport. The bags the airport provided were slightly smaller then the maximum allowed size, so I would recommend getting a bag before you go and ensuring your things fit in it. Having said that, the toiletries I couldn’t fit in my bad were fairly cheap, and some I managed to go through the weekend without anyway.

Essential, whatever the destination

Aside from the above, there are the most obvious items;

  • Flight information / boarding cards if checked in online
  • Travel Insurance
  • Photo ID
    • Most likely to be your passport.
  • Passport!
  • Any medication you might need
  • Glasses & contact Lenses
  • Travel Plugs & Adaptors
  • Underwear
  • Accommodation details
  • Map / some planning on how to get from the airport to your accommodation


Some not essential items, although you might want the following for reading on the plane / keeping your devices charged etc.

  • Battery Pack
  • Camera
  • Kindle
  • Headphones


Thats everything. Quite a concise list, and you may change a few things to meet your specific needs. If I’ve missed anything, drop a comment below.




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