Manchester Day 2017

Manchester is a beautiful city, with a great mix of culture brought together by its community which has heritage far and wide. Manchester Day, is a celebration of this great community spirit, showcasing the solidarity we all hold for this city we call our home.

On a perfectly sunny day, with thousands of supporters lining the streets, the parade progressed down to Exchange Square where we could all be entertained by Magic, and the Abracadabra theme of this year.



Whilst I managed to get some photos of the parade, I am slightly annoyed at myself for having to take them on my phone. As I started taking photos with my usual camera, something was wrong and I slowly realised I had left my memory card at home! I had been taking some photos earlier in the morning that I to upload to my PC and forgot to pick it up before I headed out. Doh!


Included in the parade were members of the emergency services, who received applause for their service, in particular after the attacks last month at Manchester Arena.


In all, it was a great day out which was topped of by the beaming sun. It would have been slightly better if I had actually put on sunscreen, and now wasn’t suffering from a slight burn. Oh well, it was worth it.


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